Southern Petroleum is your supplier for all of your fuel and energy needs. We offer quality gasoline and diesel products as well as commercial, farm fuels and home heating products. If you need quality lubes and oils for your equipment we have those too. See our locations page for a bulk plant or sales office near you.



SPI is proud to represent major national brands to provide all of your gasoline needs. We offer a complete line of products that include E87, E89, E93, and Conventional Grades of Gasoline as well as RFG products for metropolitan areas and non-ethanol marina fuel.



SPI supplies off-road Dyed Diesel for farm and commercial or governmental use. We can fill your existing tank or contact us if you need a tank for your fuel needs. We have different options available.

Off-Road Diesel

SPI supplies high quality over the road low sulfur diesel for all of your transportation needs. Our low sulfur diesel meets all federal and state guidelines for emissions and clean burning fuel efficiency. We can supply all of your diesel needs from single vehicles to fleets of over the road transports.

On-Road Deisel


SPI provides Industry Leading Branded Bulk Delivery and Packaged Diesel Exhaust Fluid at competitive Wholesale Pricing. To meet your fleet and individual new-industry vehicle needs.

DEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid 


SPI is a locally owned company with a bulk facility near you. As a heating oil supplier SPI is proud to offer premium quality fuel heating oil products to its customers through its wide variety of purchase and oil delivery options. We offer a high quality K-1 kerosene fuel oil to keep you warm through the winter.

Home Heating Oil


SPI offers a full line of bulk and packaged oil products, to provide all of you lubrication needs. We have everything from hydraulic and motor oils to heavy greases. Offering Bulk and Packaged delivery as well as pick up availability.


Tank Program 

SPI offers on-site fueling and storage solutions to meet your business needs. Whether you are commercial construction or agriculture. Using temporary and/or permanent storage from our supply of aboveground storage tanks of all sizes, we have you covered.

Environmental Services 

At Southern Petroleum, we staff in house and licensed Environmental Compliance Personnel. We offer UST Compliance Management Services for State and Local Compliance Regulations, as well as consulting services for Commercial Operating Environmental Compliance Regulations. Call us today to help develop a service plan that works for you.

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Phone: 606.678.5127 | Fax: 606.679.8223


605 S Main St Somerset KY 42501